A. Warm-Up 

5:00 Glute/Hip/Leg Targeted Foam Roll 

3 Sets of: 

5 Spiderman + Reach/side 

5 Walk-Outs 

10 Air Squats 

B. Strength 

Every Minute on the Minute for 9:00 

1 Pausing Front Squat @ 3331 tempo 

3 seconds down

3 second pause in the bottom

3 seconds up

Start at around 35-45% of your 5 rep max back squat. Only add weight if you can maintain the tempo. Goal is to build upon last weeks numbers 

C. Midline Builder 

4 Sets of: 

100 Foot Farmer Carry AHAP 

8 Split Squats/side (Dumbbell Front Rack Hold) 

2:00 Plank 

2:00 Rest 

D. Active Recovery 

10:00 Easy bike or row