Our Story



Airborne Ranger and Army Master Fitness Trainer.  Kyle attended West Point, wrestled on the Army team, and earned a couple of Bronze Stars for combat leadership in Iraq and Afghanistan. Post military, Kyle attained his MBA at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management.  During a decade in finance, he worked as a derivatives trader at a Swiss bank and then a hedge fund…and then became the CFO of a digital marketing company.  After all of that finance stuff, Kyle finally rekindled his training, fitness, and service oriented roots!  God is good!  Kyle’s focus is on NUTRITION (Precision Nutrition certified coach), MENTAL TOUGHNESS, and STRENGTH TRAINING.


Owner and Head Verve Method Coach 

Cameron is an experienced fitness professional who spent many years coaching and teaching various methodologies in New York City. She is a CrossFit L1 Trainer and has a background in coaching strength and conditioning. Her passion is helping others to achieve goals they didn’t know were possible.  She believes in hard work and discipline and leads her members and clients to see results based upon those principles. Her coaching style emphasizes proper movement patterns, mental toughness and constant improvement. She is her athlete’s biggest advocate and cheerleader. She was previously a competitive CrossFitter and has aspirations to participate in fitness competitions again in the near future after she and Kyle complete their family (and who knows when that will be… hahahaha).

The Mac Team